MedNet Interface implementation Guide
0.8.0 - CI Build

MedNet Interface implementation Guide - Local Development build (v0.8.0). See the Directory of published versions

IG Change History

This provides a list of changes to the MyIG specification since its initial release

2020-06-04 v0.1.0 - MedNet Swiss IG initial draft based on FHIR R4

  • Initial version

2020-08-06 v0.2.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - IPS conform implementation based on FHIR R4

  • IG has been reorganized to conform to the International Patient Summary (IPS) structure
  • Use of the mustSupport functionality

2020-09-08 v0.3.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - Improvments

  • Many CodeableConcepts have been sliced to allow validation even if the system is not supported by mednet. It increases the compatibility and reuse of existing profiles
  • Add the compatibility page, to explain the difference with some standard profiles, and the reason of those differences
  • Add of a copyright section on the home page
  • Add blood group to the vital signs section of the patient overview Composition

2020-10-02 v0.4.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - Improvments

  • Add support for requester under ServiceRequest
  • Add support for performer under ServiceRequest

2020-10-09 v0.5.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - Support for insurance contract number

  • Add support for insurance contract number under Coverage

2020-10-15 v0.6.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - TimeofGestation added support for a loinc code

  • Add Support for loinc code on the TimeOfGestation, to be consistent with the eMediplan CHMED20AF Implementation Guide

2020-10-19 v0.7.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - Add the annotation section

  • Add of the section Annotation, in order to allow the delivery of unstructured text information
  • MNIAllergyIntolerance : set clinicalStatus as mandatory

2020-11-06 v0.8.0 - MedNet Swiss IG - Minor improvments

  • mni-patientOverviewComposition : allow section:sectionPregnancyHx not to have any entries. Means the patient is pregnant but we don't have more informations
  • mni-patient : added cardinality 1..1 to the identifier:LocalPid.type.coding